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The Best Practices of Content Syndication

Develop your reputation and highlight your visibility

In content syndication you can have an article show up on various websites, thereby allowing you all the benefits of guest posting with no labor involved. In other words, syndication is the act of reproducing a blog post from one internet site to another.

Does syndicated content displease Google?

Yes, Google does not like it one bit. Duplicate content is not even a possibility at Google since their algorithm is intended to obstruct users from spotting similar content comes up in every search result for a particular keyword. Even we don’t like it when a search word returns similar content rather than differing perspectives.

content syndication

Syndication though is simple, you must make sure that you do it by disallowing a syndicated sample or content from being cataloged and indexed by search engines.

What if you’re not ensuring the above with appropriate preventive measures?

Although Google returns the most pertinent adaptation of your content, you still run the risk of differing with Google’s algorithms. It is a non-issue when you’re syndicating within your own domain or business but the above difference in the versions of content means that you should abstain from syndicating posts you’ve written on some other domain.

When building your personal brand or favoring a coworker or a partner, it is best to create original content. Write something of interest for the readers, or write something you have good command over because goodwill fritters away with the use of syndicated content. Robots.txt on your website will not overlook that’s appearing on someone else’s website too. And that’s when you are likely to end up with the risk of inviting Google’s wrath along with relevant penalties on both the websites.

And what if the content on the ‘other’ website is also written by you?

More commonly referred to as guest posting, is a fantastic way to build authority and goodwill amongst a different set of viewers, which is why you give them the best of your best. Do give a quick recap on your own blog with a link to your guest post. What you get in return is worth it:

  • Gives your viewers or visitors an opportunity to see a blog they may not have any knowledge of
  • You site increases in credibility because of increasing back links and thus making Google happy

Isn’t that a win-win situation? But how can you syndicate your content across different portals?

How can I syndicate content from my site to a site on another domain?

You can do this in several ways.

a.   rel=canonical

By adding a rel=canonical tag on the new page along with your piece of writing, you can point that tag back to the original piece on your website. Google takes this syndicated copy as your original content and all links to that copy will provide the benefits of the original composition.

b.  NoIndex

When you NoIndex the copy of the content, Google keeps the syndicated copy out of its directory and will not be indexed.

c.  Partial text syndication

You can permit partners to display a restricted size of content whereby viewers will then click to see the rest. Basically the complete content only resides on your site while still thrusting traffic to it.

d.  Publish on your site first

Make the content public on your own site before you syndicating by permitting partners to publish it. This act will recognize your site as the original source

e.  Deep linking within your content

Try inserting links in your content to other sections on your site but make sure you don’t overdo it. It is important to introduce links where you think that viewers are likely to look for more information

f.  Absolute web addresses

Links in your syndicated content should be absolute or full URLs and not partial or relative. Relative web address links link back to the partner site, while absolute web address links always link back to your website.

g.  Lack of parameters

Adding parameters to links in syndicated content will cause search engines to see them as a different web address. However, if using parameters is unavoidable, look up the correct action in Webmaster Tools.

h.  Lack of link stripping

Partners must not eliminate links that are in your content once it is on their website.

What tips come in handy if you want to syndicate content?

Prominent and well-known are all the time borrowing content from each other. However, they mention original source of the content as well as the fact that the content is on their website with the permission of content owners.

i.  Be cautious

Don’t allow just about anyone to use your content. Create an agreement as to who is allowed to put it on their site and approve it manually.

ii.  Be fastidious and choosy

It’s ok to be selective about what and how much you allow others to use. You may want your old content to be used but with a thorough revision or have your very well-liked ones propagated through another site.

iii.  Be precise

Users of your content must contain a link back to your original piece of writing. A NoIndex meta tag can avert search engines from indexing content on their site, rather return your content as the only ranking search result.

iv.  Be tactical and calculated

Sites that have a high authority are better suited for using your content. Open Site Explorer will help you narrow down all such sites. Then create content and be ready to syndicate.

These tips not only build brand awareness but drives new audiences to your website, making it a classic example of using syndication in communications strategy.

Finally, what should be my content syndication strategy?

First of all, institute goals that go with your business model. Once that is in place, mull over the content you have and where you want to appear. Know your prospective partners, their needs and constraints, and your content and software potential.

Syndication partners may want custom RSS feeds, chosen web addresses, thumbnail imagery, miscellany, headings, or subsection citations, so plan ahead in a way that requires the least manual input.

Pick Syndication Partners

Fundamental content syndication in the shape of RSS feeds has been around for quite sometime but you may now want to now look at fresh syndication – paid and non-paid – options.

  • Paid Syndication

Paid syndication engines cost the content promoter per click and then split proceeds with the publisher if they are sufficiently huge. Although costs are low, watch out for:

Outbrain:-      It is a content recommendation system that gives links to related content on chief publication sites and has a self-service interface.
Taboola:-       It muscles suggested content links on chief publication sites. It requires each link to have a related thumbnail representation which increases clicks to your content.
  • Non-Paid Syndication

Many syndication opportunities do not demand spending huge sums of cash. Sites related to your business are always on the look-out for high-quality content and that too without payments involved. You may want to ask related sites if they want to pursue RSS feed of original content.

This is a very lucrative SEO tactic with a long-term relationship and lots of back links.

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