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Outdated SEO concepts and how they are hurting your business and your clients

If you’re not thinking about SEO that frequently, you need to be coached so that you don’t flit around that notion for long. Search marketers often disseminate old or erroneous information to clients; in fact not only clients but just about everyone they happen to run into.

This is just one of the many ways of looking at the erroneous beliefs related to SEO in several areas such as content marketing or online marketing overall. The very fact that Google frequently changes the algorithms with which it assesses the SERPs, is a reason why critics think SEO is losing its relevance and impact.

I will cover a few misconceptions here which will be supplemented by helpful resources to edify the masses that are not ready to let go of negative SEO sentiments.

  1. Number of links are equal to the ranking

Perhaps the most exposed and discredited misconception, people love to think that the total amount of links is the only aspect that matters when it comes to ranking. If you want to fare better in SERPs, you might as well hire someone to build you links that are of good quality. A few first-rate links are better than abundant links.

What can be done instead?

Since I cannot deny that links are important, I will add that link-building alone cannot help boost rankings. You may want to concentrate on a marketing tactic that will not only bring about links, but also propel new clientele through those links and connect them as lasting advocates

  1. Appreciably similar content can invite penalty

Repeated appearance of content may not always be emulated from others. However it has been done, it may carry several shortcomings but does not incur penalty. Google deals with duplicate content by veiling the visibility of the content after picking out one.

Google Panda

If anything at all, duplicate content certainly trims down the website’s ranking. So I am begging you, try to have an inimitable and high-quality eloquent content to improve the ranking of your website.

What can be done instead?

Don’t worry too much. Webmaster Tools can help you investigate duplicated title tags so that you can unveil factors that are bringing about duplicate content or crawling concerns on your website. If anything, maintain!

  1. Shortfall of traffic equals being penalized

If the traffic to your website has recently been reduced, try looking for the reasons. Rest assured, you’re not going to be penalized. Whereby loss in traffic can either be owed to failure in redirecting links when web addresses are changed, disregarding the importance of notifying Google or failure to update the corporate card, it has nothing to do with the website being penalized.

trafic report

What can be done instead?

Do some homework. Assess what sector of the website escaped traffic and where was it coming from. Narrow down your search and figure it from there. For example, check where you lost your traffic from? Is it owed to:

  • Organic search
  • Paid search
  • Referral traffic
  • Social media

If nothing makes sense, contact a reliable establishment for help.

  1. Imitating your opponent’s accomplishments

Imitating or copying what your rival is doing can be good and bad at the same time. Although, it is a form of an analysis tool that enables us to outshine our competition, do not be too literal. Look for novelty. Boosting rankings via copying is surely an outdated concept today.

What can be done instead?

Since every business wants finest results, onset of new customers, preserving existing ones, and making shareholders and partners happy, the best advice would be to heed to their criticism, opinion, and response. Nobody knows the market as well as the stakeholders does.

  1. Placing text behind an image

Placement of content can get you in a tight spot. Placing the text behind the imagery is less favored than placing below it. It serves to be a great balancing act.

ALT TAg Image

What can be done instead?

I repeat, place the text below the image so that visitors can benefit from the information they’re searching for. The image is a good impetus for existing users or customers to return ad for you to achieve business goals.

For those who think of SEO as a dying domain, I have listed a few additional misconceptions, which if not corrected, business owners will continue to lose out on their commercial and corporate objectives.

  1. SEO is not imperative for creating a healthy inward bound marketing campaign
  2. SEO is just about high-quantity, low-quality subject matter
  3. SEO is more static than dynamic. Whatever works now will continue working forever

Search engine optimization has grown into a lucrative sector of the profitable Internet world. SEO companies, social media and search engines have and continue to scrape up billions in every quarter because business owners are investing huge amounts of cash to benefit from search engine results.


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